Lessons & Unterrichten

Teaching has never been Rick's primary concentration, but on occassion he has had great sessions teaching improvisation to promising students.

Jazz improvisation is an art form that is "Lebensarbeit", or life work, that will never truly be completed. For most, the journey to feel even slightly comfortable at a jazz session will take many years of disciplined listening and work. It is this journey that Rick has undertaken at a young age and continues to this day, working in his middle years on many of the same songs he was learning to blow through when he was 16 years old!

Rick generally plays piano during improvisation sessions and forces the student to recognize and think about what they are playing over a sequence of chord changes and, when they student has the concept within reach, he helps them to stop thinking mechanically and truly improvise. Sound, style, taste, and rhythm will all be addressed. Call and response games will be played. Lessons are relaxed and set up when they fit schedules.

In-person sessions are by special appointment only. Rick is currently teaching in Bonn, Germany.
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